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Using Empire Blisters Products

This page is dedicated to satisfied customers who have submitted pictures of their finished projects!

Clive Barker & Pinhead Custom

 Submitted by: TeXas T Customs

 Used a Reaction Style 2 Blister for Clive and used the original Reaction Blister for Pinhead & the puzzle box. Autographed by Clive Barker and Doug Bradley at TeXas Frightmare Weekend 2018. See more from Todd and TeXas T Customs on Instagram@TeXasTCustoms

The Jerk

Submitted by: DanoBanano Toys

Used a Reaction Style 2 Blister for "The Jerk" custom. See more from Dano on Instagram@dano_brown

Charles Manson

Submitted by: Straight To Hell Toy Co

Used a 12 Back Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back "Regular" Style Blister for the Charles Manson Custom. See more from this artist on Instagram@straighttohelltoyco1

Vulcan Vader

Submitted by: TD5491 Phenix Customs

Used a Reaction Style 2 Blister for the Vulcan Vader Custom. Check out more from Walter and TD5491 Phenix Customs on Instagram@td5491_phenixcustoms

Home Alone

Submitted by:  ReadfulThings

Used a Tri Logo Style 3 Blister for the Home Alone Custom. You can check out more from Adam and ReadfulThings on Instagram@readfulthings

Sleepaway Camp - Angela Baker

Submitted by: Death By Toys

Used a Reaction Style 2 Blister for the Angela Baker Custom. See more from Dan and Death By Toys on Instagram@deathbytoys

Imperial Death Trooper

Submitted by: Michael Maynard

Used a Tri Logo Style 2 Blister for the Imperial Death Trooper. See more from Michael Maynard by searching him on Facebook.

Grand Admiral Thrown (Ronald Twining)

 Submitted by: Ronald Twining - Cosplay

Used a POTF Generic Blister for the Grand Admiral Thrown Cosplay of himself Custom. Reach him by searching Ronald Twining on Facebook.

Master T

Submitted by: Retro Gimmick Toys

Used a Tri Logo Style 2 Blister for Master T. See more work from Daniel and RetroGimmickToys on Instagram@retrogimmicktoys

Talon Karrde

 Submitted by: Jedi Lane

Used a Star Wars 12 Back "Slim" Blister for Talon Karrde Custom. See more from Cole on Instagram@jedi_lane

Darth Fett

Submitted by: Jim Heston

Used a Tri Logo Style 2 for Darth Fett. See more from Jim on Instagram@plisnithus7

Depacimated  Homer

Submitted by: McDreadful Toys

Used a Droid Blister for Depacimated Homer. See more from McDreadful Toys on  Instagram@mcdreadful_toys

Toilet Wars - CU-PP

Submitted by: Random Skull Productions

Used a SW 12 Back "Slim" Blister for the Toilet Wars CU-PP Custom. See more from Alex on Instagram@randomskullproductions

Forrest Gump - Lieutenant Dan

Submitted by: WickedJoyful

Used a POTF "Generic" Blister for the Lieutenant Dan Custom. See more from Nicholas on Instagram@WickedJoyful 

National Lampoons Vacation - Clark Griswold

Submitted by: Hands of Doom

Used a Reaction Style 2 Blister for the Clark Griswold Cutstom. See more from Zach on Instagram@hands_of_doom_

NYCC Exclusive - Zombie Tiger Force Trooper

Submitted by: Bright Tree Village Customs

Used a GI Joe "Style 2" Blister for the Zombie Tiger Force Trooper. See more from David Smith & Bright Tree Village Customs at Facebook@BrightTreeVillageCustoms

Cry-Baby Walker

Submitted by: Waking the Dead Customs

Used a Tri Logo "Style 1" Blister for the Cry Baby Custom. See more from Carlos and Waking the Dead Customs on Instagram@carlos_customs_.

American History X - Danny Vineyard

Submitted by: SPLATTERBRUSH Toy Co

Used a POTF "Generic" Blister for the Danny Vineyard Custom. See more from Chris & SPLATTERBRUSH Toy Co on Instagram@figureautojunkie

Breaking Bad - Jessie Pinkman & Heisenberg

Submitted by: Pour Mans Toyz

Used 2 of the Reaction "Style 2" Blisters for Jessie & Heisenberg and a LEGO "Mini" Blister for the Blue Sky Accessory. Check out more from Pour Mans Toyz on Instagram@Pourmanstoyz.

Fisher Price Space Adventures Action Figure - Crewman

Submitted by: Brian Cooke

Used Tri Logo Style 1 Blisters for the Crewman customs. Check out more from Brian on his Flickr account @BrianCooke

Indiana Jones - Brandon Schissler

Submitted by: Scott Schissler

Used a SW/ESB "Reg" Blister for the Indiana Jones "Brandon Schissler" Custom. Check out more from Scott on Facebook @Scott P. Schissler

Unsolved Mysteries - Robert Stack

Submitted by: Kevin McKee

Used a SW/ESB "Reg" Blister for the Robert Stack Custom. Check out more from Kevin on Instagram@fauxshowtoys

Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic - HK-51

Submitted by: Angel Andrasko

Used a Reaction "Style 2" Blister for the HK-51 Custom. You can reach Angel on Instagram @TwinkeyRunaway

The Birds

Submitted by: Stray Magic

Used a Reaction "Style 2" Blister for The Birds Custom. You can check out more of Janey's work on Instagram @Stray Magic

Planes, Trains & Automobiles - Neal Page

Submitted by: Lightning Boltz Action Figures

Used a Reaction "Style 2" Blister for the Neal Page Custom. Check out more from David on Instagram @Lightning_Boltz_Action_Figures

Saturday Night Live - Gene Frenkle

Submitted by: Hoodwinked Toys

Used a Tri-Logo "Style 2" Blister for the Gene Frenkle custom. Check out more from Josh on Instagram @Hoodwinked Toys

Corey Duffel - Professional Skater

Submitted by: Luca Bartole from B-Art-Toys

Used a Clamshell "Style 1" cardholder and blister for the Corey Duffel custom. Check out more from Luca on Instagram @Barto_luc

Star Wars - Inferno Squad Agent

Submitted by: Blizzard Force Customs

Used a LEGO mini blister for the Inferno Squad Agent custom. Check out more from Sebastian on Instagram@blizzardforcecustoms.

The Greatest American Hero - Ralph Hinkley

Submitted by: Boogie Figs

Used a Reaction "Style 2" Blister for the Ralph Hinkley custom. You can check out more work from Raul at Boogie Figs.

V - Commander

Submitted by: Michael Giaritelli

 Used a POTF "Generic" Blister for the V - Commander custom. You can contact Mike at venicesculpture@hotmail.com

Curry Man

Submitted by: Total Debacle Shirt Co

Used a Clamshell "Style 1" for the Curry Man custom figure. See more from Total Debacle Shirt Co on Instagram @totaldebacleshirtco.

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